Perry Carter
Department of Politics

Research Interests: Historical Legacies, Politics of Territory, Identity Politics, Social Networks, Vote Buying

Dissertation Title: The Politics of Loss

Zenobia Chan
Department of Politics

Research Interest: She studies signaling in foreign policy and the economic statecraft of revisionist powers. 

Isabelle DeSisto
Department of Politics

Research Interests: legacies of state repression, anti-authoritarian resistance, and public opinion in eastern Europe

Laura Howells
Department of Politics

Research Interests: Comparative political behavior; authoritarianism; contentious politics

Mari Jarris
Department of Comparative Literature

Research Interests: Marxism and Critical Theory, queer and feminist theory, environmental humanities, and nineteenth- and twentieth-century German and Russian literature

Dissertation Title: Utopia, Aesthetics & Gender: Queer Currents in Revolutionary Russia and Germany, 1860s-1920s

Kamal Kariem
Department of Anthropology

Research Interests: Intersections of Indigeneity, protected areas, Russia, and post-Socialisms


Fedor Karmanov
English Department and the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in the Humanities

Dissertation Title: Simultaneity: Multiple Invention in the Arts

Paul Kleiman
Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures

Research Interests: Goethe and Russian literature; Russian Hellenism; Svetalana Alexievich; Pushkin and Milton's Paradise Lost; Erofeev (Moscow-Petushki & underrepresented works); Pasternak (Doktor Zhivago & translations); Brodsky (primarily Gorbunov and Gorshakov and Twenty Sonnets to Mary Stewart); Tolstoy (short prose: The Death of Ivan Ilyich, Two Hussars, etc.), Dostoevsky; samizdat; fate and fatalism.

Karolina Koziol
Department of Anthropology

Research Interests: intersection of border studies, (post)socialism and (post)imperialism
Dissertation Title: Foreignness and Alienation: Encounters in Russian-Chinese Borderlands

Aurora Ling
Department of Politics

Research interests: Aurora’s research interests pertain to international human rights, religious conflict, mass atrocities, vaccine diplomacy, and soft power. Her regions of focus are Russia and China.

Dissertation Title or Topic: Aurora’s dissertation topic is about religion as a political actor in mass atrocities (terrorism, genocide).


Anastasiia Lystsova
Department of History

Research Interests: social, legal, and gender Russian history of the imperial period

Laura E. Matthews
Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures

Research interests: pedagogical theory and educational reform in 19th century Russia; the role of literature and the literary community in shaping educational discourse and practice; language politics in educational reforms; the image of teachers in literature; the moral responsibility of educators; “Russianness”, national identity, and the purpose(s) of education in 19th century Russia.

Dissertation topic: The Muse of Pedagogy: Metaphors of Education in 19th Century Russian Literature


Matthew I. McDonald
Department of History

Research Interests: Early Modern Europe; History of French; Historical Sociolinguistics

Dissertation Title: "A Linguistic Archipelago: The Spread of European French, 1740–1815"

Hannah CJ McLaughlin
Department of Music

Research Interests: Early Soviet Music, Russian Silver Age, Scriabin

Dissertation Title: Scriabin and Speculative Music in Russia, 1900-1925

Adrien Mercat
Department of Near Eastern Studies

Research Interests: Intellectual History, 19th century South Caucasus, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia

Patrick Monson
Department of History

Dissertation Title: Shifting Pluralities in Imperial Russia’s Baltic Legal Landscape, 1860-1917

Benjamin Musachio
Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures

Research Interests: The Anglo-American reception of 20th-century Russian literature; the history of Russian literature and culture in Latvia; Soviet literary institutions

Dissertation Title: Soviet Poets as American Celebrities: Evgenii Evtushenko and Andrei Voznesenskii

Céleste Pagniello
Department of Music

Research Interests: Georgia, Soviet Union, Opera, Ballet, Music & Politics

Dissertation Title: The Georgian Opera and Ballet Theatre: A Cultural Nexus at the Heart of the Russian Colonization of Georgia, 1851-1951

Abigail Schoenfeld
Near Eastern Studies

Research Interests: Intellectual and political history of Eurasia in the 20th century

Maria (Masha) Slautina
Department of Art & Archaeology

Research Interests: specializing in Japanese and Global art history. She is interested in the construction and conceptualization of visualities, in the formation of national art traditions, in transcultural interactions and the global life of objects, as well as in the interplay between artifactual and natural worlds, focusing on the artistic production of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries

Jianyuan Sun
Department of Near Eastern Studies

Research Interests: Central Asia

Jacob R. Tucker
Department of Politics

Research Interests: the political psychology of autocracies with a regional focus on Russia and the Former Soviet Union